Baby Napping!

Some mothers think that getting their baby sleep is not much of a deal. Their baby will sleep right on time, according to the schedule and they can do the household chores peacefully and take rest. But often times it turns out to be a fantasy and not a reality. Making your baby nap is like a battle ground between you and your baby. But it’s not as hard as you fear. To avoid the battle ground between you and your baby you need to know everything to make a nap work.

So let’s start:
How long does my baby need sleep?
Every child is different when it comes to how much sleep they need. Some babies need two or more hours of sleep than other babies. And some need one hour more than other babies. It takes awhile for newborns to develop a sleep schedule. During the first month, babies usually sleep and wake round-the-clock, with relatively equal periods of sleep between feedings. After the new born period, from 4 months your baby will likely nap at least twice a day- Once in the morning and once in early afternoon. Some babies also need a late afternoon nap. Many babies nap a total of three or more hours during the day.
Now here are some dos and don’ts for a safe and happy baby napping:

Dos of baby napping:
• Make sure baby sleeps in the crib.
• No one is smoking in the area where the baby is sleeping.
• Baby’s face is uncovered.
• Baby is sleeping on his back.
• Firm mattress and a tight fitting sheet and firm pillow.
• Keep the temperature of the room around 20 degrees Celsius. Anything above maybe too hot or anything below can be too cold. Don’t fluctuate the temperature of the room or cause overheating.

Don’ts of baby napping:
• Don’t bed-share in a room that is too warm or dress your baby too warmly.
• Don’t use heavy comforters, duvets or fluffy pillows.
• Don’t leave a baby alone in an adult bed.
• Don’t over heat or over dress your baby
• Don’t wait until your child is overly tired before beginning your going-to-sleep routine. If you do, your child may be too wound up to sleep well – or even to go to sleep at all.

Follow these few tips and hopefully there won’t be any trouble in your baby’s napping.

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