Settlement Program

This is a crucial and important period in your child’s life as he/she is being introduced to a new environment. One parent is strongly advised to make themselves available for the first 5 days.

During this period, please ensure that no other new thing is introduced in your child’s life. Too many new things will be difficult for the child to accept as it is too much information to process. Avoid new flavours, new people, new places etc.

“My mom’s friend is my friend” is the philosophy behind our settlement program. This program spans for 5 days.


Day 1:

The facilitator and the parent will spend half an hour in the environment with the child. On this day, we do not engage directly with the child. The interaction is only with the parent. By the end of the day, the child leaves with the feeling that the facilitator is mom’s friend.


Day 2:

On this day, the child spends 30 minutes at Happycare without the parent. The child is already familiar with the place and the people. Parent can leave the school but should be available within 5 minutes of a call.


Day 3:

On the third day, the child is a little more familiar with the environment and spends 45 minutes with us. Again, the parent should be available within 5 minutes of a call


Day 4:

By now the child is comfortable enough to spend an hour in the new environment. Parents can take the child after an hour.


Day 5:

By the last day of settlement program, the child is at ease and is extremely familiar with the environment. He/She spends 1.5 hours with us on this day. The parent can leave and come back after 1.5 hours to pick up the child.