How to handle fussy eaters?

What is the most challenging bit about parenting? Making sure your child is getting the right nutrition will definitely top the list.


Probably you are struggling with making your kid eat Beans, spinach, capsicum, carrots etc. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many children can be fussy when it comes to eating the right food.


Here are some practical tips which you can do to make your child eat-


 Create a schedule: – Your child needs to eat every two to three hours in small amounts. Three meals, two snacks and lots of fluid gives your child a balanced and healthy diet.


 Get your kids involved in cooking: – Make your child your cooking partner. Let them choose what meals they are going to have and also let them watch you prepare the meal. Make cooking an interactive session by talking to them about the goodness of their food. Take them to the grocery store with you and let them choose what they will like to take home.


 Be a good eater first: – It means- include vegetables and low fat dairy in your diet. Introduce lots of vegetables, fruits into your diet and eat them with your child. They will eventually start to enjoy their meals.


 Fill the meal table with options: – Kids enjoy choosing food when they see there are plenty of options on the table. Let them pick what they like best but also ensure that they get complete nutrition.


 Good presentation helps: – Try to make meals look creative. Smilies, made-up names and cute shapes generally work. Make eating fun by introducing a story. Tell what happens next after your child has taken the next bite and so on. Don’t loose your patience or try to scare them to get them to eat.


It is a good idea to sometimes leave them alone with their plate of food. Tell them the importance or right nutrition. Enable them to decide what is good for them and what isn’t.


All the best!