The beginning of the enjoyable summer season brings with itself, the complexities too. And the most vulnerable to this scratchy weather is the tender health of kids. The most responsible of all is the summer vacations wherein the kids, in the urge of enjoying to their limits, completely forget about their proper living schedules and patters. Other than the clothing and hygiene factors, the most obvious and striking target is the food they intake, the quantity and the quality provided.

It is scientifically proven fact that the stomach is the first affected part of the human body, and also kids are most prone to get attacked by the bacteria and germs; especially in the summer season. It is highly recommended by the doctors and the specialists to take care of the children regarding what they eat, to plan the food items according to their taste but keeping in mind, the proper precautions; because every time it is the health that comes first.

We may not realize the diseases; kids can be exposed to if they continue with the uneven and disturbing food habits. It is human tendency to enjoy at family gatherings by the source of entertainment being the food counter, least realizing the outcomes. Here are some of the tips which can be kept in mind by the family members for protecting their loved ones from bad situations-

1. Food poisoning is the most commonly prevailing disease among small children because people technically are not sound with the proper maintenance of the refrigerators. It should be made sure that the ice in fridges should be replaced regularly at the freezer temperature to be below

2. Food related problems can also be caused when the bacteria attacks the food items at a rapid speed. It usually happens when the raw food like meat, chicken and chilled seafood which are uncooked are kept at the same shelf in the refrigerator or close enough with the cooked food. Hands should be thoroughly washed after chopping or touching the raw stuff.

3. In families with large number of members, the food prepared is usually left after the meals. And it is a normal tendency to use the food later or store it anyhow. But there should be a proper cooling system as a storage area. Also, every left over or stored food item should be consumed.

4. If by any chance, the food items are forgotten to be stored, and say left open for 4-5 hours, it should be directly thrown away; no matter how tempting they still look, no matter we think it still could be edible or fresh, specially cooked rice, pasta, and non vegetarian food items.

The researchers say that kids spend most of their times in sun, playing and exhausting themselves; resulting in increased hunger which they usually satisfy with the junk food which makes them fat and sick. It is a tried and tested concept to plan the summer vacations of children by a proper made up.

1. A home maker should always set a routine for their kids to eat food and be healthy even in vacations. Any disturbance in the meal timings also affects the health of children. Breakfast should be served between 8-9 am in the morning; lunch should be consumed between 1-2 pm and proper dinner lastly by 9 in the night.

2. After playing and exhausting themselves badly in the summer sun, the kids have an urge to go for packed items, say a packet of chips or cold drink. Rather than satisfying their hunger by cooking highly fried and heavy items, the mothers should serve them with easy to digest food items like salad, curd, milk etc.

3. Since children now-a- days are getting too moody with their taste buds, not everyone in this upcoming generation has a fondness for the highest source of calcium i.e. milk. The best way to feed them the same is to bring out the better tasting alternatives like buttermilk, milk shake.

4. People think that fruits can be eaten in any form and can be served at any time. But the case isn’t true in summers. The freshly cut fruits should always be kept in fridges or should be made eaten by children in the raw form, not by cutting. The cutting of fruits releases their nutrients. The foremost important way to keep children safe in summer season is by restricting them to eat or drink outside because we cannot assure of the cleanliness of the ingredients and the manner of the preparation of the food items at the outdoor stalls.