We started Happycare as a parenting community in December, 2014. The community enabled parents to share concerns and ask questions on real life problems related to the upbringing of their little ones. These were addressed by experts and community, which grew exponentially to 55k+ parents in a span of 1 year. 4 years of extensive study on child care and real life learnings from community enabled me to come up with “Happycare Preschool and Daycare” addressing primary concerns like Safety and Child centricity.

Our Philosophy is to provide superior learning environment and childcare solutions through internationally acclaimed curriculum and best-in-class safety standards.

Happycare is the happy place to all working parents, who strive to find the right balance between best care and learning environment for their little one. Most working parents today are rightly worried about their child’s safety. At Happycare, safety of our children is our absolute priority.

Deep affection towards kids and understanding of child psychology makes this venture Happycare- a Happy place for kids!