Baby massage- a plethora of benefits

Touch is the first language babies are exposed to. Warm, affectionate touch helps your baby stay calm and joyful. Newborns are often placed on their mother’s chest for the same reason. These touches create strong emotional bond and brings your baby closer to you. Research suggests that massaging is the best way to bond with your baby. Gentle touches relax and comfort you baby. Among all 5 senses, touch is most developed right after birth. Massaging also improves circulation and boosts immunity in children.


A few tips and techniques for better massaging-


1. Don’t massage your baby when he is sleepy or tired or hungry or full. Best is to massage after your baby has taken a nap. Keep the room warm with low lighting. Keep clean clothes and a clean diaper close-by. Place your baby in a safe area and adjust in a way so that she can see you and can make eye contact. Ensure that your hands are clean. Try to make massaging last for 10-30 minutes. Use good quality oil. Avoid using lotions as it may cause rashes or red skin. Start by laying your baby on his stomach, and turn her head to one direction. Take a small amount of oil and begin massaging from head then down the nape of her neck. Then across each shoulder from the center of the neck out to the arm, one side at a time. Manage down to the hips. Avoid the spine. Then go to your baby’s legs with your finger pads. And repeat it on your baby’s arms. Turn your baby over on his back and repeat the same steps on his chest, front of his arms and legs. Then massage the ears, face, head slowly and gently. Throughout the process, connect with your baby through eye contact.


Benefits of massaging-
 Creates a soothing effect on your baby and reduces crying.
 Helps in baby’s digestion by relieving gas and constipation.
 Enhances awareness and sensation
 Relieves nasal congestion.
 Boosts baby’s immune system.
 Improves their skin quality.


Try to make massaging a part of your infant’s daily routine and consider massaging your baby around the same time everyday. Be gentle and don’t try to put too much pressure on your baby’s body. Understand your baby’s discomfort and cease it according to your baby’s convenience.

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